Shadowman was made by the greatest movie producer. Oren Jacoby is one of the most iconic directors of this century has shocked me once again! Shadowman will blow your mind. I agree that this movie just isn't for everyone. Go for it, relax, play the movie and let it move your mind. After few minutes of watching, it's clear this movie will be great. Back to [[year]] this movie was so hot that it burned place in my mind for ever. I think this movie is very underrated compared with other crap out there. I love watching movies online on such websites, it is so easy and free instead of paying for netflix or hulu. I have no doubt, you will be excited with this movie soon.

Genre: Documentary, Biography

Actors: Paul DeRienzo

Directors: Oren Jacoby

Country: United States

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7,8

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