Best Family Movies of 2017

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The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie on IMDB

Spin-off of the LEGO movie: An adventure telling about Batman is a hit. Fun, creative, full of action and memorable scenes. We get an extremely universal thing. For the youngest we have characters, a simple story, a colorful action and a lot of good humor, and for adults a lot of pop culture, which they also play. perfect entertainment for a trip with a child.

You can see full movie for free here: Watch The Lego Batman Movie Online


The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby on IMDB

The protagonist is a baby in a suit and with a briefcase who works in a corporation. This is the starting point for the implementation of an ingenious, fun and hearty animation that becomes a good entertainment for the whole family. There is no lack of good ideas, interesting solutions and funny gags. It is not bad that the whole is presented from the child's perspective, which is why some things are visually exaggerated or not very consistent with reality, but this adds to the story. However, we warn you that this is an uneven animation, because it slightly reduces flights at the end, going into a cliché plot solutions. It has a good moral, which is not always shown in every aspect. You can read more about this in the review. Despite the shortcomings, animation is a good proposition for the evening. She plays and teaches.

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Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfs: The Lost Village on IMDB

The film is created by computer animation, but this time it more closely refers to the cartoon from the 80s and the original comics of the Belgian cartoonist, rather than unsuccessful acting movies. Thanks to this, the climate known from old times also returns. The rate of action is adapted to the youngest viewer. It happens a lot, it's colorful, but not so much as to make you dizzy. For this good dialogues and interesting, thought-out history. There is also a good and interesting message not only for the youngest. Good, fun and exciting entertainment.

You can see it online for free here: Watch Smurfs: The Lost Village Online


Cars 3

Cars 3 on IMDB

A quite successful return to the known story. New heroes, new threads and new adventures, as well as a wise story of passing and sacrifice. Cars 3 are still masters at the technical level, and the story itself, though much more reflective, still abounds in good humor, cut retorts and beautiful morals that will teach both younger and older spectators.

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Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 on IMDB

It is impossible to hide that the third edition of the series is the weakest, but it does not matter. It is still a good entertainment for the whole family. The heart of history is still in place and that is the strength of this film. The moral is transparent, wise and well presented. Sadly, Minionków is less than in previous scenes, but as they are, they steal all the scenes.

You can watch full movie online for free here: Watch Despicable Me 3 Online


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