The best Romance Movies of 2017

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The Big Sick

The Big Sick on IMDB

A man with a great sense of humor and a conservative family on his head (Kumail Nanjiani) met by chance a modern girl who had had enough relationships (Zoe Kazan). Love joined them at first sight. However, on the way to happiness, there will be a number of obstacles and challenges that they will have to face in love with. When it seems that the whole world - at the head of the family - has sworn to demolish their happiness, it is in seemingly hopeless situations that life can show its funniest face.

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Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name on IMDB

Nastolatek Elio spędza wakacje we Włoszech, czytając i grając na pianinie. Jego ojca, uniwersyteckiego profesora, odwiedza pracujący nad doktoratem stypendysta, Amerykanin Oliver. Elio musi oddać gościowi swój własny pokój, jest więc do niego początkowo uprzedzony, uważa go za uzurpatora i aroganta. Ten stosunek z czasem ulega zmianie, pojawia się fascynacja mężczyzną, która przybiera na sile....

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The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water on IMDB

1962, Baltimore. Elisa Esposito, from birth, is a lonely person that the family abandoned when she was a small child. Because of her illness, or speech disorder, she is excluded from normal life and has problems with finding a decent job, which is why she works as a cleaner in a government research center every day. In her work, she has been friendly with another cleaner, Zelda Fuller, who often explains Elisa sign language to other employees of the plant. The main character has never had any affair in her life, so her only emotional support is Zelda and a homosexual neighbor named Giles. Like Elisa, Giles is lonely, and his homosexuality complicates both his personal and professional life. Elisa's life changes when Colonel Richard Strickland introduces a new "invention" to the object, and Elisa discovers that it is an amazing specimen, or human resident and amphibious found in the Amazon waters. Secretly visiting the creature, the woman is immediately attracted to him, and despite the fact that she has a strong will, both find a way to communicate with each other and create a mysterious bond.

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God's Own Country

God's Own Country on IMDB

Johnny deals with a family farm in the provinces of Northern England far from the city. Hard, physical work is relieved by getting drunk at a local pub and accidental sex. When a handsome immigrant from Romania comes to the farm, Johnny discovers feelings he did not know before. Working together in the pastures brings them together and gives Johnny hope for change. "God's Own Country" is compared to the "Brokeback Mountain" film awarded at Sundance for the best direction.

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A United Kingdom

A United Kingdom on IMDB

England, 1947. Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) is a prince from Botswana who is studying at Oxford. The man learns the law, politics and history together with the representatives of the finest families of the old continent.

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