Did He Do It? Season 1 Episode 4 (s01e04)

Did He Do It? Season 1 Episode 4 (s01e04)

Movie made by my favorite director. You just have to watch this tv series before you die. From the first tv series from this director, I am his biggest fan. I can't even think about other things while watching Did He Do It?. Not made for boring people, not made for people without a taste. I don't really know enough about the original story behind screening. Basically the same concept as similar movies, but in reality, Did He Do It? is completely different. One word describes this tv series: 'AWESOME!' I like that I don't have to pay for cinema or netflix to watch new movies like Did He Do It?. My english is not good but I think you understood what I wanted to share with you, watch this tv series!!

Quality: HD

Season #: 1

Episode #: 4

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