Onegai My Melody Season 1 Episode 33 (s01e33)

Onegai My Melody Season 1 Episode 33 (s01e33)

Movie made by my favorite director. I only had one thought in my mind while watching this anime online - 'it is amazing!' Onegai My Melody will blow your mind. I agree that this anime just isn't for everyone. A very direct anime, it wants to slap you in your face. It's hard to find any inappropriate scene in this masterpiece. I'm upset this anime isn't as popular as it could be. No anime made me so excited while watching, no other anime! I loved this mix of emotions Onegai My Melody has gave me. Watch Onegai My Melody and stay for the final credits, they're interesting.

Anime: Onegai My Melody

Genre: Anime

Country: Japan

Quality: HD

Season #: 1

Episode #: 33

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