The Border Season 3 Episode 7 (s03e07)

The Border Season 3 Episode 7 (s03e07)

Fantastic, inconceivable and improbable tv series. When I want to relax, I just sit on couch, open my favorite website with movies online and watch this tv series... It has many hilarious moments, but I like it :). The Border just has everything tv series need, you can watch it with your family, with your girlfriend or boyfriend or with your friends and everyone will enjoy it. If you're folk with low IQ you really might not like this tv series. It's hard to find any inappropriate scene in this masterpiece. What makes this tv series interesting? Conversations, music, characters, just everything. We all need directors like this director, only brilliant people are worth something. It's hard to impress me, but The Border did it easily. I have no doubt, you will be excited with this tv series soon.

TV Series: The Border

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Actors: James McGowan, Graham Abbey, Jonas Chernick

Country: Canada

Quality: HD

Season #: 3

Episode #: 7

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