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Winners & Losers

Hi everyone, I'm Bryan and I'm fan of comedy movies Under rated tv series, very under rated From the first tv series from this director, I am his biggest fan. Weird, but quite enjoyable tv series to watch, I can remmend to everyone. If you're folk with low IQ you really might not like this tv series. I believe you gonna like this tv series as much as I do. This tv series is really great, I won't tell you much about the storyline to spoil the surprise. One word describes this tv series: 'AWESOME!' This tv series is good in any language, I know because I know 3 languages and always it was as cool as in original. My english is not good but I think you understood what I wanted to share with you, watch this tv series!!

Episode count: 92

Actors: Melissa Bergland, Virginia Gay, Melanie Vallejo

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Country: Australia

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